An article in the People section Sunday...


An article in the People section Sunday included incorrect information about Cignel nightclub. Cignel reopened last year.

Nathan Beveridge, Bartender

Nathan Beveridge spends nearly as much time hearing wisecracks about his name as he does mixing cocktails.

But joke all you want about his, ahem, nom de drink; it never bothers him.

"It's my real name, but I've been called worse," says the bartender and occasional magician at the Conservatory Lounge.

While you might think that having a surname that practically spells liquid refreshment made his career choice a natural, he actually lucked into the profession. After growing up in Carroll County, he moved to Baltimore to get a taste of city life. Although he had no experience, he applied for a bartending job at Peabody Court's piano bar and was given a tryout.

Six years later, he's probably heard more tales of woe than Dear Abby, celebrated more birthdays than George Burns and waited on everyone from Harrison Ford ("Perrier") to Frankie Avalon ("Beaujolais") to members of the rock group Def Leppard ("vodka shots and beer").

"It's like being the host of your own party, but you don't have to pay for any of the stuff," says Mr. Beveridge, 28, who often unwinds with a cold Budweiser in his Mount Vernon home.

A traditionalist, he considers the martini his real forte. "It's made with more attitude than ingredients," he confides.

And while he sees bigger things in his future -- namely owning his own bar one day -- his immediate goals are more modest.

When your name is Nathan Beveridge, sometimes, he says, it's enough to just make it to last call. Some things Neci just won't divulge.

Like her full name. ("It's less words to worry about.")

Her age. ("I'm old enough to get into a bar without ID.")

Or her current weight. ("Just say I've gone from a size 16 to a size 9 in 18 months.")

Consider it all part of the mystique of the Divine Miss N, better known to many as WHFS-FM's chatty evening disc jockey.

But what Neci will discuss (is, in fact, delighted to discuss) is music.

"Music does everything," she says. "It's your friend. It's your enemy. It keeps you awake. It puts you to sleep. It helps in tremendous sex. It's really whatever you want it to be."

Thanks to the influence of her jazz-loving dad, she learned as a child that she wanted to pursue a career in the field. While attending Towson State University, she honed her skills at the campus radio station. Several years later, she left degreeless to spin records at nightclubs including the Hippo and the now-defunct Cignel and Girard's.

When she's not working, Neci, who will admit to being divorced )) and living in Annapolis, spends time with her two sons and teaches aerobics.

"And when I'm lucky," she adds, "I sleep."

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