John Sherman Cooper, a liberal Republican from...


John Sherman Cooper, a liberal Republican from Kentucky who represented his state in the Senate for more than two decades, died Thursday of heart failure in a Washington retirement home. He was 89. Mr. Cooper, who served in diplomatic posts as well as in Congress, had a reputation for independence. He was one of the first Republicans in the Senate to denounce Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin for the tactics of his anti-Communist campaign. Mr. Cooper also took an unpopular stand in opposition to legislation to remove from reluctant witnesses the Fifth Amendment's protection against compelled self-incrimination. In the Vietnam War, Mr. Cooper joined with a Democratic senator, Frank Church of Idaho, in drafting the Cooper-Church amendment, which was aimed at barring further U.S. military action in Cambodia.

Dennis Scott, chairman of the directing program at the Yale School of Drama, died on Thursday at the Yale University Infirmary. He was 51 and lived in New Haven. The family said he died after a long illness. Mr. Scott was a teacher, playwright, poet, critic, dancer and actor. Born in Jamaica, he became a visiting professor of directing at the Yale School of Drama in 1983 and, the following year, the interim chairman of its playwriting program. In 1986 he became co-chairman of the directing program. He directed productions for the Yale Repertory Theater and its festival of new American plays, and the theater company said his work as a director was strongly influenced by his experience as a performing member of the National Dance Theater Company of Jamaica. Three of his own plays have been produced in the Caribbean. In recent years he acted in "The Warrior Ant" at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, S.C., and the American Music Theater Festival in Philadelphia. He also appeared on NBC's "Cosby Show" as Lester,

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