Cooper must goIt's time for Ed Hale...


Cooper must go

It's time for Ed Hale to realize that as long as Kenny Cooper remains his coach, the Baltimore Blast will not win another MSL championship. Here are just some of the poor decisions Cooper has made this year:

In the off-season, he dumped Freddie Thompson. His reason was that the Blast is continuing to pursue a youth movement and Thompson didn't fit into its plans. Hold on -- wasn't Freddie a part of that youth movement a couple of years ago?

Cooper then acquired Dale Mitchell from the Kansas City Comets for Carl Valentine. This was an outstanding trade. After the acquisition, Cooper said that this was the biggest deal since the Blast got Stan Stamenkovic from the Memphis Americans. With this, no one can argue. Everything sounds great, right? Wrong. Here's where Cooper makes his mistake. He says the team will not revolve around Mitchell, but he will just be a bonus in the lineup. This is ridiculous. If I remember correctly, the team revolved around Stamenkovic when he was here, and the Blast won a championship.

Mitchell's point production is down, but not because he is having a bad year; it's because he's playing for a coach who doesn't know how to use his talents. It's time to put the focus on Mitchell and get him the ball more. He then can be the scorer he was in Tacoma and Kansas City.

Finally, Cooper continues to cry about poor attendance. It doesn't take long to figure out why it is so poor. The three biggest crowds this year (all were for games against San Diego) were treated to losses. If you want the big crowds, you have to learn to win in front of them. This is something Cooper hasn't figured out how to do.

Ed Hale, it's time to take your biggest step since you bought the team. Dump Cooper and lure, if you can, Ron Newman away from San Diego. Then the Blast fans could again experience a championship. It's a shame to see an owner who is committed to winning a championship have a coach who doesn't know how to win one.

Todd Smith



Nostalgia cries for ball 'yard'

When it comes to name the new Baltimore baseball stadium, here is one vote for Camden Ball Yard or Camden Yards.

The facility is creating a nostalgic touch of baseball from its early years, when the diamonds were not known as stadiums but fields, parks or yards. Baltimore would be unique in naming its facility a "ball yard," especially since the area is known as Camden Yards.

Going to the ol' ball yard to see the Orioles romp through the AL East has a distinctive ring to it.

Skip McAfee


Not anti-Virginia

I am writing in response to the reader who felt The Sun had an anti-Virginia bias. I have lived in Maryland for 21 years, and sorry, I haven't noticed any so-called bias.

I look through Feb. 10's sports page, and look -- Mr. Jefferson's wonderful, honest university has lost again to North Carolina. This news isn't on the front page or in the sports headlines. It's on Page 6 of the sports section. Instead of calling a newspaper "biased," why don't you accept the fact that Virginia really may not be No. 1?

Beth Bradford

Ellicott City


Just the facts, please

John Buren on WJZ-TV must be a disgruntled former radio disc jockey because his reporting of the sports is better suited for radio than television. He repeatedly wastes what little time he has to report the sports on excess talk and other news unrelated to sports.

Take, for example, his "Hoop Highlights" reel. Before showing the highlights, he will tell the viewers what they are about to see. He then accompanies the highlights video with a repetition of his statements. Doesn't it make better sense to report what the viewers are seeing as they're seeing it?

For further proof, examine his "Geek of the Week" feature. Dogs barking multiplication problems and people participating in a pig-calling contest have no place in sports reporting.

Has John ever considered himself a candidate for "Geek of the Week"? If he analyzed his performance, he'd win every week. Buren should stop trying to be so cute and just do his job -- report the sports.

Brett Smith


A vote for Oriole Park

Selecting a name for our new baseball stadium is an important task encompassing publicity value, advertising value and national recognition. My suggestion is Oriole Park.

The name honors the current Orioles players who represent our city this year -- every year.

Then let the city rename Russell Street to Oriole Parkway (starting at the city line and ending at Paca Street), and next, rename Camden Street to Babe Ruth Avenue. At the intersection of Babe Ruth Avenue and Oriole Parkway would be Oriole Park, home of the Baltimore Orioles.

James C. Davis

Ellicott City

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