Tuning Up at the Myerhoff


During halftime of the Georgetown game,

Connie Chung informs us in her

newsy singsong voice that we

have destroyed 99 Iraqi planes,

either on the ground or in the air,

and the bombhead shown here

dirtied by suburban rubble,

courtesy of enemy television,

may or may not be American.

No one can explain either

why the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra,

warming to its voice among its

swooping balconies and flying disks,

sounds like an aggravated sigh,

a yawn braving shrapnel, a groan

from the kettle drums riding

on the backs of bomb bursts,

trumpeted squeaks of hysteria

winging along the surge

of a strafing run and the curious

satisfied diminishing of fighter

pilots lifting into the vault

of the Myerhoff and the desert sky.

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