Terms of U.S., Soviet proposals WAR IN THE GULF

The White House insists Iraq:

* Notify the United Nations of its intent to withdraw from Kuwait and begin the withdrawal by noon EST today.


* Remove all forces from Kuwait City within 48 hours of the beginning of the withdrawal and complete the withdrawal from Kuwait within one week. Retreating forces would not be attacked by the allies.

* Release prisoners of war and third-country civilians, or their remains, within 48 hours of the start of the withdrawal.


* Remove booby traps and mines from oil facilities and other areas of Kuwait.

* Cease all combat flights over the war theater, except for flights needed to transport troops back to Iraq.

* Stop all destructive actions against Kuwaiti citizens and property and release all Kuwaiti prisoners.

The Soviet Union and Iraq agree that Iraq would:

* Withdraw immediately and unconditionally from Kuwait to pre-Aug. 2 positions.

* Begin the withdrawal one day after a cease-fire.

* Complete the withdrawal within 21 days, beginning with a pullout of forces from Kuwait City within four days.

* Cooperate with the allies in the release and repatriation of all war prisoners within three days after a cease-fire and the end of military operations.


* Submit to monitoring of the cease-fire and withdrawal by observers or peacekeeping forces as determined by the U.N. Security Council.

* All U.N. resolutions, including those dealing with restoration of the deposed Kuwaiti government, war reparations and sanctions against Iraq, would be nullified after withdrawal.