Sports for every fan on tube tomorrow


The TV repairman: Tomorrow's viewing alternatives are a veritable flea market with women's hoops at noon, Channel 11, Tennessee vs. Texas; hobby horses (equestrian event), noon, ESPN; gymnastics, American Cup, 4 p.m., Channel 4; golf, L.A. Open, 4 p.m., Channel 11; tape of Sugar Ray Leonard-Marvin Hagler bout, 6 p.m., ESPN; live boxing, 10 p.m., HBO; Blast kick-ball, 10:30 p.m., Channel 45; Maryland hoops rerun, 11 p.m., Channel 20; indoor track national championships, TBS, 11:20 p.m. . . . plus the usual dozen or so college basketball games.

The Repairman is tired just thinking about it.

* These aren't the words she used, but the way Jill Trenary sees the World Figure Skating Championships next month on NBC, the women's competition will be a crap-shoot.

"It'll all come down to what happens that day," says the defending champ, who will be watching because of a lingering ankle injury. Meantime, Trenary is a spokeswoman for Clairol, which is making a donation to the U.S. Olympic Committee for every product coupon redeemed.

"I think for the first time ever the 1-2 skaters [Trenary and Midori Ito] from the previous year are missing, and there's just no clear performance line to go by," Trenary said. "Definitely, the U.S. girls [led by national champion Tonya Harding] appear the ones to beat -- we had 10 girls at the nationals who could do a good job at the worlds."

* Slowly but surely CBS has the NCAA tournament selection show creeping into prime time. The cage version of the Academy Award nominations draws a 6:30 p.m. starting time March 10. By the final year of the contract, the network is apt to have it stuck smack dab in the middle of "60 Minutes."

* A New York radio station does an hour-long show every Sunday on sports collectibles, rotisserie leagues, etc. Probably gets the same audience that's tuning in for opera.

* Look at the rating Notre Dame and Temple got on NBC last weekend (2.0) and you have to conclude even priests and nuns weren't watching.

* To whom it may concern: Pernell Whitaker takes on substitute Anthony Jones and Macho Camacho plays matador in front of Greg Haugen on the Home Box Office doubleheader tomorrow (10 p.m.).

* CBS women's hoops analyst Mimi Griffin says, "The game now needs three officials. The women are to the point where even the very best officials can't keep pace." Athletic directors, fighting the never-ending battle to hold down expenses, don't want to hear such talk.

* A question that won't go away: Why did Channel 2 sign up for the ACC Saturday afternoon package when Maryland wouldn't be making any live appearances this season?

* Since when did they start referring to a gutter-ball in bowling as the ball "slipping over into the channel?" A gent named Pete Weber had it happen to him on the PBA Tour last weekend and, listening to Chris Schenkel, you would have thought he came within a half-inch of making the famed 10-7 split.

* Ed Hale, who still owns the Blast, is kidding himself if he thinks there will be only two groups bidding for an NFL franchise for Baltimore if and when the time comes. What about Baltimore's Mr. Fix-it, sports maven Ron Shapiro, who is a silent partner in baseball, television, city and state politics?

* In case you missed it, Tommy Morrison looked awfully good on the USA Network fight show the other night, even if it was listless Pinklon Thomas looking to absorb a few whacks and get out of there. Supporting (?) the one-round KO was a match pitting champion Mike McCallum (38-1) against Frankie Minton, a vet with a 22-11 record appearing on just two days' notice. Now you know why they call it the sweet science.

* When Jim Palmer told USA Today recently, "Maybe this is the year I'll write my book," you can bet thousands cringed. As you no doubt noticed, Jimbo's years in the booth with Howard Cosell turned him into a ruthless tell-it-like-it-is guy.

* It's been a bad year for Chet Forte. Not only is the TV producer (of "Monday Night Football" fame) in a deep hole as a result of serious gambling problems, his 34-year-old Columbia scoring record of 45 points fell the other night to sophomore Buck Jenkins (47).

* Come on, Mel Kiper, I gotta know: Who builds your hair?

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