Shotgun gang suspected of committing 18th robbery Since Oct., similar thefts occurred in city, county.


In a story Friday about a robbery in Randallstown, The Evening Sun misidentified the manager of the Food Place. The manager, William J. Buckholz, was struck on the head during the holdup but did not require medical treatment.

Five men, three of them armed with shotguns, robbed the Food Place in the 8500 block of Liberty Road in Randallstown last night and made off with an undisclosed sum of cash, Baltimore County police said.

It was the 18th in a string of robberies of food stores, restaurants and fast-food outlets in Baltimore City and the county apparently committed by the same gang since Oct. 31, police said.

According to Lt. John Campbell, of the Garrison District, five men entered the Food Place at 8508 Liberty Road about 8:20 p.m. and announced a holdup.

Campbell said three of the men were armed with shotguns and the other two carried semi-automatic handguns.

During the robbery, one of the bandits struck the manager, John Bucholz, in the head with the butt of a handgun as Bucholz removed money from the safe, Campbell said. Bucholz did not require medical treatment.

The men fled with an undisclosed sum of cash from the safe and two cash registers, Campbell said, two of them driving west on Liberty Road in a gray four-door Chevrolet; the others running across the store's parking lot.

During the spree, groups of two to five men have committed the robberies, police said. They are armed either with shotguns or handguns or both. Those with the shotguns usually wear long coats.

In nearly each incident, the robbers forced employees and customers to lie on the floor and threatened to shoot them, police said.

In at least two previous robberies, employees forced to empty safes and cash registers have been shot at or struck with a weapon, police said. But there have been no serious injuries.

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