Annapolis City Hall isn't exactly rife with corruption, if the city's annual financial disclosure reports are any indication.

This year's most scrupulously honest city official is Sam Brice, the Public Works Department's bureau chief of operations. Brice received two hamsfrom the Robinson Pipe Cleaning Co. as a gift. Rather than keep the hams, Brice gave them to St. Mary's Church. In his report, Brice saidhe had asked the company not to send him gifts.

Brice did, however, keep a pen and pencil set an engineering firmgave guests who attended the company's 75th anniversary celebration.

City employees and elected and appointed officials must file the financial disclosure reports with the city every January to make public any potential conflicts of interest. The reports were reviewed by the Ethics Commission Tuesday night and released yesterday.

Brice wasn't the only official who listed potential conflicts in detail.

Alderman John R. Hammond, R-Ward 1, reported receiving 24 tickets tothe U.S. Boat Shows' annual sailboat and powerboat shows. He gave away 10 of the tickets.

Alderman Samuel Gilmer, D-Ward 3, listed hisnon-paid position as historian of the Cook-Pinkney American Legion Post on Forest Drive. He also listed his wife, Sylvia, who works in Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins' office.

Hopkins reported no gifts orconflicts. The only thing listed in his report was his house on Van Buren Street, which he bought in 1950 and is paid off.

Several officials recently purchased homes or property.

Police Chief Harold Robbins, who came to Annapolis from St. Petersburg, Fla., in October, bought ahouse on Bay Hills Drive in Arnold in December.

Alderman Theresa DeGraff, R-Ward 7, bought a house on Windwhisper Lane last April.

City Administrator Michael Mallinoff recently purchased a home in West Annapolis, too late to report the purchase this year. He said he'llreport it next year.

Alderman Ruth C. Gray, R-Ward 4, listed husband Lloyd Helt's home and law office in Sykesville, where Helt is mayor. Her name was placed on the deed when they married last year. The two have a "commuter marriage" in order to keep keep their political jobs. Gray maintains a residence on South Cherry Grove Avenue in Annapolis, and they also have a vacation home in Ocean City, where they met.

Alderman Wayne C. Turner, R-Ward 6, bought two lots at Turkey Point. He also listed his 12-year-old maintenance business, Turn-Way Enterprises, but said he has dropped all but one of his Annapolis clients.

Director of Public Information and Tourism Thomas Roskelly listed his public relations business, Thomas Roskelly and Associates. He said he has only a few clients and turns down requests from companies that may do business with the city.

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