Five top city parks officials to lose jobs Firings are part of "downsizing" of department


Five top city Recreation and Parks officials are being fired as part of what the agency's director calls an on-going "downsizing and reorganization" of the department.

Speaking before the City Council's Budget and Appropriations Committee yesterday, Recreation and Parks Director Marlyn J. Perritt said the layoffs are being made to trim the agency's operation.

"We're looking at the agency and trying to determine how we can more effectively deliver program services," Perritt said.

The layoff notices, which went out Tuesday and are effective March 29, hit these high ranking officials in the department:

* Deputy Director Ralph Chase, who served as acting director before Perritt's appointment.

* Ralph Moore Sr., the department's superintendent of recreation maintenance.

* Kenneth Neblett, an administrative analyst.

* Charles Colaianni, the agency's commissioner of amateur athletics.

* Mae Dobbins, a department supervisor.

Perritt said the layoffs should save the department $336,000 a year in salaries and fringe-benefit costs.

"These people definitely have long experience in the department, but their absence will not affect direct service to citizens," Perritt said.

Perritt said more layoffs could come during the upcoming fiscal year, which begins in July. The cuts are necessary because Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke ordered the department's $30 million budget to remain unchanged during fiscal 1992.

"There is definitely a likelihood" of more layoffs, she said, adding that layoff picture will become clearer after a meeting with the mayor's top budget officials next week.

Perritt said operations in the city's 76 recreation centers and other facilities will not be reduced.

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