Saving in STYLE Getting longer wear from lipstick


Lip service You can have a little fun with your lipsticks and get greater use out of them if you follow the example of professional makeup artists. Instead of toting dozens of lipsticks to photo sessions, they travel with plastic drugstore pillboxes that are divided into compartments of six, which they've filled with various melted-down lipsticks.

Makeup artist Janice Kinigopoulos suggests trying it first with all those lipsticks you never wear because they're too dark, light or too bright. Just cut off the tops, pop each into a pillbox compartment and melt in the microwave.

"You then have six different lipsticks that you can blend with a lipstick brush until you get the exact shade you want to match whatever you're wearing," she says.

You can also extend the life of a favorite tube by dislodging the remainder with a toothpick and placing it in a compartment.

Stretch it out Health club patrons know her simply as "The Leotard Lady," a frequent visitor to area health spas who brings with her the latest aerobic fashions at discount prices.

K? In private life, she's Helen Weissman, and next week she'll

be bringing her discount aerobic wares to Harborplace. She'll have everything from the basic leotards to form-fitting unitards and thongs, from lines such as Marika and Danskin, all at discounts up to half the suggested retail price. Also, she always includes a large variety of plus sizes.

The Leotard Lady will be in the Sam Smith Market in the Light Street pavilion Feb. 27-

March 5,March 20-26 and for several days throughout the summer.

Timing is everything While the lowest prices in men's clothes can often be found at the end of the season, timingis critical, advises Brian Metcalf, manager of G. Briggs in Timoni- um. For maximum selection atminimal price, he advises that men put off their spring ward robe shopping no later than the end of May or early June. Any later he says, "You'll find the stores are getting in mostly real casual summer clothes."

When you do buy a new spring suit, he says you'll save even more money (and time) if you invest in a variety of new shirts and ties at the same time -- that way you won't find yourself several weeks later trying to buy a tie and unable to remember exactly what shade your new suit is and just what color the stripe was in that shirt.

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