Schaefer says he'll stop writing personal letters to constituents


ANNAPOLIS -- Gov. William Donald Schaefer promised yesterday to still his poison pen.

The governor told fellow members of the Board of Public Works that he will no longer write personal notes to constituents because so many of them have been made public.

Such notes, often harshly worded, have caused Mr. Schaefer considerable embarrassment of late. In one, he referred to a Westminster resident named Nottingham as "Nottingbrain" and described him as a "frustrated little boy."

In another letter to a woman who gestured to him -- the governor claims obscenely -- as she drove by him on Pratt Street, he wrote, "Your action only exceeds the ugliness of your face."

"I've stopped writing now because they are no longer private letters," Mr. Schaefer complained.

Paul C. Schurick, the governor's spokesman, said Mr. Schaefer has been unfairly criticized for his letters, particularly since the ones that "respond to questions and resolve problems" are never reprinted in the newspapers.

"Any constituent who writes to the governor gets an answer and a prompt response," he noted.

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