49ers reverse field, scrap new helmet logoPlanning...

49ers reverse field, scrap new helmet logo

Planning to buy some football gear with that new San Francisco 49ers' logo? Don't do it.


Calling the switch "a mistake," the team reversed the decision to modernize the helmet logo. As of yesterday, it's back to the old, overlapping "SF" in a circle. That "49ers" emblazoned across the side is gone.

Team owner Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. said the overwhelmingly negative response to the switch was the reason for going back to the emblem they've used since 1962.


Said DeBartolo: "I think that their [fans] response was so large that they wanted this logo to stay as it was that it was just a " mistake on the part of the organization and on my part at this time to try and do something."

* National Football League scouts today will get a long-awaited look at Raghib "Rocket" Ismail, Notre Dame's flanker-slotback-kick returner, who is favored to be the No. 1 choice in the draft. His private workout on the Notre Dame campus in South Bend, Ind., is expected to draw scouts from each of the league's 28 teams.

What do Ismail and Ed Abram, Ismail's football agent, expect will be among the scouts' first request? To time him in the 40-yard --, of course.

"And they're right," said Chuck Schmidt, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Detroit Lions. "I think it's obvious he's fast and everybody knows about his times, but how fast is he really? The scouts want their own times. They want their own everything."

Pro basketball

Houston Rockets center Akeem Olajuwon was given doctor's approval to resume playing Feb. 28 against the Los Angeles Clippers. Olajuwon has been on the team's injury list since Jan. 4 while recovering from surgery to repair damage to his right eye socket. He was hurt when he was hit in the face by the elbow of Chicago's Bill Cartwright.


Bjorn Borg's possible return to tennis in an April exhibition against Jimmy Connors bounced from baseline to baseline yesterday, reminiscent of their classic 1970s battles. A promoter said the match was set for April 10 at London's Olympia Hall. Borg's agent said it was off. Connors' agent said it was possible. Olympia officials said they didn't know.


The twists and turns were the latest chapter in the saga of Borg's expected comeback nearly 10 years after he won the last of his 11 Grand Slam titles.

* Boris Becker and his coach, Bob Brett, have parted. A statement released by Becker, Brett and Becker's manager, Ion Tiriac, said it was mutually agreed by all three that Brett's contract, which expired on Feb. 15, would not be renewed.

"We sat together for four hours last night, we had dinner, we drank beer and we parted as friends," Tiriac said. "There were no problems."


Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder, the oddsmaker who was fired by CBS because of controversial remarks about black athletes, filed court complaints yesterday that seek $20 million in damages.

Snyder, 73, once a regular on the CBS show "NFL Today," accuses the network of age discrimination, defamation and breach of contract. Snyder claims CBS used his comments about black athletes as an excuse to fire him because he was getting old. He also claims network officials and Brent Musburger, a former CBS commentator now with ABC, made false statements about him.



Soviet ice dancer Marina Klimova was cleared of suspicion that she had used steroids in winning last month's European title with husband-partner Sergei Ponomarenko. The International Skating Union said a second test failed to support the positive results of a Jan. 26 urine sample taken at the European Figure Skating Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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