Schools drop foreign-study plans WAR IN THE GULF


Fear of terrorism, spawned by the war in the Persian Gulf, has caused some colleges and universities to cancel international study and travel plans and has deterred some faculty and students from participating in the programs.

The National Association for Foreign Students Affairs has reported that 14 of about 90 schools they surveyed this winter have suspended or canceled overseas study programs outside the Middle East.

Harvard University recently banned university-sponsored student travel after receiving a warning from the State Department, according to a spokesperson. That ban applied to groups, such as the university's singing clubs, and not to individual students, most of whom have gone ahead with their plans.

Boston College canceled a trip by the University Chorale to Paris, which had been planned for spring break, and will review other trips on a case-by-case basis, according to a spokesman.

Dartmouth College this month canceled five overseas studies programs in Europe, and moved another from Spain to Mexico, in part because of a menacing letter addressed in November to some U.S. college programs in Florence. The letter reportedly identified and threatened U.S. students in Italy.

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