House abortion vote


Here is the final vote in the House of Delegates on Senate Bill 162, which would protect the right to abortion in Maryland. The bill passed 84 to 52.


Albin, Leon, D-Baltimore County

Alexander, Gary R., D-Prince George's

Anderson, Curtis S., D-Baltimore

Arnick, John S., D-Baltimore County

Arrington, Michael,

D-Prince George's

Barve, Kumar P., D-Montgomery

Benson, Joanne C.,

D-Prince George's

Billings, Leon, D-Montgomery

Bishop, John J.,

R-Baltimore County

Blumenthal, Rosa Lee,

D-Prince George's

Boston, Frank D. Jr., D-Baltimore

Braun, Stephen J., D-Charles

Brewster, Gerry L.,

D-Baltimore County

Busch, Michael E., D-Anne Arundel

Cadden, Joan, D-Anne Arundel

Campbell, James W., D-Baltimore

Chasnoff, Joel, D-Montgomery

Counihan, Gene W., D-Montgomery

Cummings, Elijah E., D-Baltimore

Currie, Ulysses, D-Prince George's

Davis, Clarence, D-Baltimore

Dembrow, Dana Lee,


DePazzo, Louis L.,

D-Baltimore County

Doory, Ann Marie, D-Baltimore

Douglass, John W., D-Baltimore

Ehrlich, Robert L. Jr.,

R-Baltimore County

Exum, Nathaniel, D-Prince George's

Flanagan, Robert L., R-Howard

Forehand, Jennie M.,


Franchot, Peter, D-Montgomery

Franks, C. Ronald, R-Harford

Frosh, Brian E., D-Montgomery

Fry, Donald C., D-Harford

Fulton, Tony E., D-Baltimore

Galiazzo, Connie C.,

D-Baltimore County

Genn, Gilbert J., D-Montgomery

Gordon, Michael R., D-Montgomery

Harrison, Hattie N., D-Baltimore

Hattery, Thomas H., D-Frederick

Heller, Henry B., D-Montgomery

Hixson, Sheila E., D-Montgomery

Huff, W. Ray, D-Anne Arundel

Hurson, John A., D-Montgomery

Hutchinson, Leslie,

D-Baltimore County

Jefferies, John D., D-Baltimore

Johnson, Samuel Q. III, D-Wicomico

Kelley, Delores G., D-Baltimore

Kelly, Kevin, D-Allegany

Kirk, Ruth M., D-Baltimore

Kittleman, Robert H., R-Howard

Kopp, Nancy K., D-Montgomery

LaMotte, Lawrence A.,

D-Baltimore County

La Vay, Richard, R-Montgomery

Levin, Theodore,

D-Baltimore County

Littrell, George H. Jr., D-Frederick

Maddox, E. Farrell,

D-Baltimore County

Marriott, Salima S., D-Baltimore

McClellan, James E., D-Frederick

McHale, Brian K., D-Baltimore

Menes, Pauline H.,

D-Prince George's

Montague, Kenneth C. Jr., D-Baltimore

Murphy, Margaret H., D-Baltimore

Parham, Samuel M., D-Baltimore

Perkins, Anne S., D-Baltimore

Petzold, Carol S., D-Montgomery

Pinsky, Paul G., D-Prince George's

Poole, D. Bruce, D-Washington

Ports, James F.,

R-Baltimore County

Preis, Mary Louise, D-Harford

Proctor, James E. Jr.,

D-Prince George's

Rawlings, Howard P., D-Baltimore

Redmer, Alfred W. Jr.,

R-Baltimore County

Rosapepe, James C.,

D-Prince George's

Rosenberg, Samuel I., D-Baltimore

Rynd, Richard, D-Baltimore County

Schisler, Kenneth D., R-Talbot

Stup, J. Anita, D-Frederick

Teitelbaum, Leonard H.,


Thomas, Virginia M., D-Howard

Thornton, Robert A. Jr., D-Caroline

Tignor, Beatrice, D-Prince George's

Valderrama, David M.,

D-Prince George's

Van Hollen, Christopher Jr.,


Workman, Betty, D-Allegany


Athey, Tyras S., D-Anne Arundel

Bartenfelder, Joseph,

D-Baltimore County

Bell, J. Ernest II, D-St. Mary's

Bonsack, Rose Mary Hatem,


Bozman, K. Bennett, D-Worcester

Callas, Peter G., D-Washington

Conroy, Mary A., D-Prince George's

Conway, Norman H., D-Worcester

Craig, David R. R-Harford

Curran, Gerald J., D-Baltimore

Dewberry, Thomas E.,

D-Baltimore County

DiPietro, Anthony M. Jr.,


Dixon, Richard N., D-Carroll

Donoghue, John P., D-Washington

Dypski, Cornell N., D-Baltimore

Edwards, George C., R-Garrett

Elliott, Donald B., R-Frederick

Gary, John G., R-Anne Arundel

Guns, Ronald A., D-Cecil

Harkins, James M., D-Harford

Healey, Anne, D-Prince George's

Hergenroeder, Henry R. Jr.,


Jones, Christine M.,

D-Prince George's

Kach, A. Wade, R-Baltimore County

Klima, Martha S.,

R-Baltimore County

Kolodziejski, Charles W.,

D-Anne Arundel

Krysiak, Carolyn, D-Baltimore

Madden, Martin G., R-Howard

Maloney, Timothy F.,

D-Prince George's

Masters, Kenneth H.,

D-Baltimore County

Matthews, Richard C.,

R-Baltimore County

Mitchell, R. Clayton Jr., D-Kent

Morgan, John S., R-Howard

Morsberger, Louis P.,

D-Baltimore County

Murray, Ethel A., D-Cecil

Owings, George W. III, D-Calvert

Palumbo, Richard A.,

D-Prince George's

Perry, Marsha G., D-Anne Arundel

Pitkin, Joan B., D-Prince George's

Roesser, Jean W., R-Montgomery

Ryan, Charles J., D-Prince George's

Sauerbrey, Ellen R.,

R-Baltimore County

Slade, John F. III, D-St. Mary's

Smith, Elizabeth S., R-Anne Arundel

Sprague, Michael J., D-Charles

Stoltzfus, J. Lowell, R-Somerset

Sulin, Victor P., D-Anne Arundel

Taylor, Casper R. Jr., D-Allegany

Vallario, Joseph F. Jr.,

D-Prince George's

Weir, Michael H.,

D-Baltimore County

Weisengoff, Paul E., D-Baltimore

Wood, John F. Jr.,

D-Charles-St. Mary's

Excused from voting:

Astle, John C.,

D-Anne Arundel (military service)

Avara, R. Charles, D-Baltimore (ill)

Scannello, Patrick C.,

D-Anne Arundel (ill)

Not voting

District 24 - vacancy

District 30 - vacancy

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