Richard Englund, 59, a director with the...


Richard Englund, 59, a director with the Joffrey Ballet who was a member of the dance panel for the National Endowment for the Arts, died of cancer Friday in New York. In 1970, he founded the Dance Repertory Company, which was renamed the Ballet Repertory Company. He was appointed director of the Joffrey II Dancers in 1985.

Alex M. Clark, 74, who at age 34 became the youngest mayor of Indianapolis, died Thursday in Argentina after a head injury while returning from a cruise. Mr. Clark, a Republican, was elected the city's 39th mayor in 1951. He served just one term because state law then prohibited Indianapolis mayors from serving consecutive terms.

Roy Lanham, 68, a guitarist who accompanied Roy Rogers and Dale Evans on their trademark song, "Happy Trails," died Thursday of cancer in Los Angeles. He also played on the Fleetwoods' hit "Come Softly to Me."


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