Frazier's jabs now in writing


Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier is writing a book. It's his autobiography and he promises it will be best-seller material.

The title: "Joe Frazier, the Champ Nobody Knows."

"This will be about the ordinary Joe -- who ain't so ordinary," says Frazier, with his familiar grin.

The former champ gets serious when he tells you more than a few chapters will be on the man he still calls Cassius Clay.

"It's stuff you never read in any newspapers," says Frazier, who engaged Muhammad Ali in three of the most memorable fights ever.

Joe showed up at Sugar Ray Leonard's "Farewell to Boxing" and later, when he showed up for the Holyfield-Foreman news conference. Without asking, Joe talked about George Foreman, who beat him twice.

"George lived good all his life and he works for God, so it should not be any surprise to anyone that a man his age is still in there fighting for a title he once had many years ago," he said.

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