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The discussion of the F-117 Stealth fighter is worthy of a high school ROTC class, but these pupils are 10- and 11-year olds in Joseph Twyne's special education class at Sharp-Leadenhall Elementary School in South Baltimore, a facility for pupils with learning problems.

A veteran of 23 years' teaching, Mr. Twyne has the seven boys and one girl in the class listen daily to the news of the Persian Gulf war on the radio and television as part of their homework. And each day, the pupils review in detail the developments of the previous 24 hours, carry on a knowledgeable discussion and even attempt an analysis of events. They have been keeping notebooks of newspaper clippings from Day 1 of the conflict.

"Their attention span usually is very short, but in this case, they're highly motivated," explains Mr. Twyne. "They relate one thing to another, and they know how the crisis affects us here."

He rules the class with the firmness of a benign top sergeant, fires away questions, expects quick answers and usually gets them, if the raised hands are any indication. To better appreciate tTC how the Middle East war is affecting the home front, the class has visited a nearby service station several times to note changing gasoline prices.

Commenting on this approach, school principal Mariale Hardiman says, "What makes the class so remarkable is that the children are learning history in reverse, from the present. Everything becomes so much more relevant and alive to them this way."

* Hot line: HCCA, a health-care company, is offering a family support hot line. These three-minute tapes offer tips on managing stress associated with the gulf war. Call (301) 528-7090.

* Thursdays: A support group for women with family members and loved ones in the gulf is being sponsored by the Baltimore YWCA. The group, which is offered at no cost, meets Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Fallon Federal YWCA Child Care Center, 200 W. Lombard St. For more information, call Lee Williams at 685-1460, Ext. 253, or Linda Behsudi, Ext. 252.

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