From: Victor Sulin

Delegate, District 32

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1991, I was sworn in to the Maryland General Assembly as a new member to the House of Delegates. It certainly was a glorious day for me but it brought to mind all those individuals who had helped me and the Partnership for Progress team during the election of 1990.

Although I and the Partnership for Progress team have tried to invite each and every individual who had helped in the election to one of several events we have held, I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every individual who assisted, helped, voted or in any way contributed to my victory in the September primary and November general election.

Running as a member of the Partnership for Progress team gave me areal appreciation for the number of volunteers and time and effort it takes to make a winning campaign. Because I have found it impossible to get in touch with everyone who helped, assisted, voted or contributed to me and this team, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "thank you." Rest assured that I promise to work for you and represent your best interest during the next four years.


From: James Parker

Severna Park

In your recent article "Reappearance of aquatic life stirs residents" (Anne Arundel County Sun) on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 1991, you gave the impression that so-called "hot-dog" boaters and recreational water skierswere responsible for the demise of Stony Creek, (and that) is far from true.

It is unfair to blame the recreational user for what we, the landowners who live in the watershed of the Chesapeake Bay, have done. We need to be reminded that it was what Hurricane Agnes washed into the bay, the chemicals we put on our lawns, the deposits our cars leave on the street, the poor sediment controls our county practices, the bulkheads and piers constructed with lumber treated with marine growth inhibitors, and the ease with which industry can use the bayfor its waste disposal that has created the problem.

It is not the family out on the creek for a morning of water skiing. Both you andSen. (Phil) Jimeno need to praise the increasing public awareness ofthe watershed problem, i.e. reducing the sewage running from privateseptic fields into the water, rather than blame the recreational family user.


From: Stuart Morris


It is both disturbing and embarrassing to live ina state "governed" by a man who so frequently sends insulting, vindictive, abusive and personally offensive letters to Maryland citizens who have dared to criticize him.

Had the Hunchback of Notre Dame been the offending party, doubtless Gov. Schaefer would have speedily penned a response, cruelly referring to the writer's back problem as making him unfit to judge the "emperor."

His Exalted Eminence has neither clothes nor couth, and we await his mean-spirited and nasty replywith resigned anticipation.


From: Kurt A. Klima

Linthicum Heights

I write this letter frommy home in Linthicum, which sits in the shadow of the Westinghouse site at BWI. The roar of jets sounds in my ears and I am reminded of our ASR4 radar system.

With the scratch of a pen, a contract is canceled and my 9 -year career at Westinghouse is in jeopardy. Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I frustrated? Yes. Am I bitter? No. While having proudly served Westinghouse, I understand, as a stockholder, that harsh decisions must be made, and those decisions are not easy for Westinghouse.

The termination of many employees strikes home again. My younger brother at Westinghouse, married with two children, will have to start again. I worry as to how he will pay his mortgage and care for his family. Certainly, he is not unique; all my fellow employees, our Westinghouse family, face the same problems. I also wonder if our congressional representatives realize the impact on our community and other communities across the country.

My family and I are proud Marylanders of four generations. We are proud of our heritage and will keepit alive. The coming days, maybe months, will be trying times, but we will survive!

Tomorrow, at age 32, I will be on the street lookingfor a new career and hoping that after another 10 years, history will not repeat itself.


From: Chuck and William Ng


Jade Garden Restaurant

A rumor has been spreading throughout Anne Arundel County that our establishment, Jade Garden Restaurant, has been closed by the Anne Arundel County Health Department for serious violations. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We have maintained an excellent food service operation for 17 years. We have always prided ourselves ourselves on the quality of food, expertise in preparation, and friendly service which wehave provided. Anyone who doubts this could simply make an inquiry with the Health Department at 222-7095.

There may be someone who is deliberately and viciously trying to harm us by driving potential customers away, or perhaps it started as a seemingly innocent, but nonetheless cruel, joke. In either case, any persons found to be making slanderous statements regarding our establishment will be pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows. We owe this to our faithful long-term patrons, as well as those who may wish to visit our restaurant for the first time.

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