A young boxer once poked fun at Archie Moore's gray hair prior to fight time. Moore, pound-for-pound one of the best fighters of all time, said, "Don't worry about this old gray head, worry about these old gray fists."

I think the kid lasted a round or two against the oldmaster.

Why are taking about boxing in a bowling column?


A few weeks ago, Mount Airy Lanes owner Joe Rineer was bowling in the Monday Night Mens Commercial league and his team was swept. If you've bowled as long as Rineer has, you're going to lose a few; sometimes, you're even going to be swept.

"I don't mind losing," Rineer said."As long as it doesn't get to be a habit. I don't even mind being swept -- well, not too much. But this time it was little bit unusual."

Yeah, I'd say so. The team that swept Rineer's was the squad of Bill Barrett, Bill Smith, Mel Porter and Mickey Imbach.

What's unusual? The combined ages of the four-man team total 256 years. Since allhave been bowling since they were youngsters, they have a combined total of over 200 years bowling experience.

"I told 'em," Rineer said, "Go bowl in the senior citizens league, and quit picking on us kids."

Oh, how good were the games that Barrett's team threw? 623, 598 and 589 -- that's a 1,810 series. If these guys are getting betterwith age, next year should be awesome.


Two more Carroll County duckpin bowlers will be going to Hagerstown, Washington County, for the Coors Light $25,000 Duckpin Classic Silver Bullet tournament finals.

Bobby Blizzard of Taneytown had a 765 five-game scratch set at Thunderhead Westminster; with handicap, that was a 881 series.

Blizzard bowls in the Thursday Mens Majors and the Monday Triples at Thunderhead. He carries a 141 average with a high game of 235 and a high series of 526.

"Bobby does a lot bowling," Rineer said, "throws a lot of games, so it doesn't surprise me that he won the Coors Light qualifier."

Blizzard, 32,is a lifelong resident of Carroll and works for Green Pallet Co. in Westminster. He's been bowling about 15years and has a wonderful outlook on life and on bowling.

"I feelI can compete with anyone on the lanes," Blizzard said. "I'm confident that I have as good a chance to win at Hagerstown as anyone."

I won't bet against him.

Diane Speilman of New Windsor will be traveling to Hagerstown, thanks to her games of 99, 131, 132, 121 and 150. With her handicap she had an 822 series.

Speilman has a 118 average, a high game of 167 and a 404 series. She bowls in the Wednesday Ladies and the Friday Mixer at Thunderhead Westminster. She's a graduate of Francis Scott Key High school and drives a truck for EWI.

"This is the first tournament (the qualifier) that I've ever won, and I just thrilled."

In 1989 Diane's sister, Kim, finished fourth in the National Strohs tournament at Fair Lanes Southwest. Diane is looking to beat that mark at Hagerstown. As so many of the better bowlers did, Diane Speilman started bowling with the Duckpin Youth league. It has become a sport she continues to enjoy.

The finals of the Coors Light will be May 18-19 at Turner's Long Meadow Bowl in Hagerstown, and there's going to be several duckpinners from Carroll competing for the $3,000 first prize. See you there.

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