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From: Mayor Lloyd R. Helt Jr.

Town Council members


To: Gov. William Donald Schaefer


The mayor and Town Council, at the Jan. 14, 1991, meeting, voted unanimously to oppose the recommendation of the 2020 Commission.

Although we recognize and appreciate the commission's quest to seek solutions to the bay's pollution and growth-related problems, allowing a state agency to control land-use decisions at thelocal level is not warranted.

The town of Sykesville and Carroll County already are very successfully implementing most of these measures.

But we do recognize a serious need for an expanded statewide effort regarding the protection of sensitive areas, including waterways, steep slopes, critical habitats for endangered species, stream buffers, forested areas, and future park lands for hiking, fishing and other recreational activities.

We are especially interested in preventing possible pollutants from entering the south branch of the Patapsco River, which runs the full distance of the town's southernmost boundary.

If the state would be willing to construct a water-quality testing station along the Patapsco River in Sykesville, we would be more than happy to staff the facility with volunteers from the town.

We are also keenly interested in the protection of forested areas and in providing wildlife habitats. We have required developers to deed forested areas and stream valleys to the mayor and Town Council to be kept as a natural resource protection area.

With the state'shelp, we would like to develop plans to safeguard these areas for future generations.

Anything further the town of Sykesville can do to assist the state in implementing these measures will be done to thebest of our ability and resources.

If we can further clarify or assist you in any way, please let us know. Thank you.


From: Richard N. Dixon


The Former Students

of Robert Moton School

New Windsor

Thank you for the excellent coverage (Jan. 23 Carroll County Sun) of the Fourth Annual Rev. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast at Martin's Westminster on Jan. 19 sponsored by The Former Students of Robert Moton School Inc.

Your coverage was very thorough and articulate. I especially appreciated your opening comparison to Psalm 66. We were proud to remember in a special way the life and contributions of Dr. King.

As you correctlynoted, we started out very small. This function has continued to grow each year.

Thanks again for your coverage and your joining in the spiritual uplifting brought about by the Morgan State University Gospel Choir.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Abortion once again is before the state legislature. Proposals range from Del.Lawrence A. LaMotte's bill to affirm the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 legalization of abortion, to bills co-sponsored by Sen. Larry E. Haines that would restrict abortions except under extreme circumstances and prevent abortions on minors without parental consent. We have been asking readers if they think abortions should be legal and readily available in Carroll, if parents should be notified if children plan anabortion, and if minors should be required to undergo counseling first. Here are some of the replies we have received so far:

From: Art Grodkiewicz


Parents should be notified if children plan an abortion.

Minors should be required to undergo counseling first.

Abortion should be neither legal or illegal. Government should not be involved -- this is a moral decision.

A woman desiring an abortion would pay all costs, no public assistance, and doctorsshould not be obligated to perform abortions.

If a woman does not desire children, she should stop being promiscuous or get fixed.

* From: Carolyn A. Blaszczyk


Abortion should not be legal for the simple fact that it ends the life of an unborn child.

Parents should be advised before an abortion practitioner intervenes to end their grandchild's life. If parental consent is required for a school nurse to administer an aspirin or for a girl to get her ears pierced, what aberration in logic seeks to "protect" a girl from her parents' influence before an abortion?

Yes, minors and every woman should receive counseling before an abortion is performed. A lifeis being terminated, and the woman has been a victim of the abortionindustry and our society's failure to support her.

I worked in a pregnancy center as a volunteer in an inner city in New Jersey. I wasalways impressed by the assistance available and the love and concern shown to the women who came there.

But, the sad realities are that many women have hardened their hearts, find no choice other than abortion, and deny life.

The abortion-rights groups have an unrealistic fear of parental notification. One grandmother insisted her granddaughter, whom she was raising, abort her child because she could not be responsible for both of them.

Another girl, 14 years old, was told by her mother, who was drunk, that she would have to have an abortion because she became pregnant. The mother told her daughter that she herself had had 13 abortions. She pulled the sobbing child from my arms and pushed her out the door.

Both girls knew their unborn child would be destroyed, both wanted to give birth even if the baby would be given up for adoption, both were forced to have abortions --not by choice.

I want several questions answered by the abortionists.

Who pays for a minor's abortion?

Who certifies the abortion practitioner?

What qualifications are they required to have?

What happens when complications occur during an abortion performed ona minor?

Are tax dollars used to fund abortions in Maryland?

What choice do taxpayers have to prevent such funding?

Is abortion gaining support from certain groups to control minority populations?

Why do TV and films glamorize sex and violence if we as a society support responsibility and restraint?

If a fetus is not a child, when does he/she become one?

How does he/she become a child if he/she wasn't one from conception?

Why do we hold some fathers responsible for child support, yet deny others any voice in whether their child lives or dies?

Why do we fund programs to prevent child abuse,but allow "mothers" to destroy their unborn children?

Why were wehorrified by reports that Iraqi soldiers pulled the life support on premature Kuwaiti babies, and permit life support to be terminated from a mother's womb?

Why is it that among women's rights groups, abortion is a priority rather than abuse, rape, lack of educational opportunity, low self-esteem and unfavorable characterization of women by the TV, film and music industries?

I'd also like Delegate LaMotte to explain why he can't see through a father's guilt at failing tosecure his daughter's trust, and why he believes such trust is so lacking in families today.

Thanks for the opportunity to voice my concerns. With simple common sense and a healthy respect for life in all its forms, I believe we can trust a merciful God who gives us life,pleads with us to choose life and enables us to have fullness of life.

Let's work to end violence -- in the Middle East, on our streets, in our homes and in the womb.

* From: Alden S. Venn


I completely affirm the 1973 legalization of abortion.

Ideally, there would be no pregnancies occurring accidentally or unwanted; ideally, there would be no malformed fetuses; ideally, there wouldbe no rapes or cases of incest; and ideally, our teen-agers would not become sexually active, thereby risking early pregnancies.

I strenuously object to our learned -- and male -- legislators continuing to attempt to control female bodies. Females who become mothers are the primary care-givers, the primary "responsible person" -- those females who unwillingly become pregnant, through force, ignorance or accident, those teen-agers who become pregnant while still children themselves -- and will be, by and large, grossly inadequate as parents.

This responsibility and role should not be forced on a girl or woman merely because her menses has commenced and she is technically adult, in this respect only.

An analogy: If a male fathers a child at age 16, may we force this young father to devote himself to the rearing of this child?

Additional thoughts: restrictions of the acceptable timing of abortion are legitimate. A fetus deemed viable outsidethe uterus requires protection. Prior to viability, the choice to abort or not to abort belongs to the pregnant female, her medical adviser, her religious convictions and her conscience.

Where are the programs to assist infants and children? The folks opposed to abortion are, too often, those who also refuse to fund programs such as WIC, additional medical assistance, training for young women, educational opportunities and the like.

Reminder: WASP babies are readily adoptable -- what happens to minority babies whose parent(s) are unable/unwilling to keep them?

Why is there so little research going on to develop an effective male contraceptive, e.g., one which would rendersperm ineffective for an extended period?

Females will have abortions, legal or not -- are we destined to learn nothing from history, to repeat the butcheries of the back alley?

* From: Suzanne Parlette


I feel abortions should not be legal and readilyavailable in Carroll County.

Parents should be notified if a minor plans an abortion.

Any woman, minor or adult, contemplating an abortion should undergo counseling first.

* From: Sue Mason Wilson


Question 1 -- No.

Question 2 -- Yes.

Question 3 -- Yes.

Abortion is legalized murder and should not be allowed. Tax dollars should not be used.

If an aspirin can't be given to children without parental consent, how can young women have abortionswithout parental notification?

* From: Cindy Sue Conard


I believe abortions should be legal and readily available.

A parent should be notified if their children plan an abortion, although there should be exceptions to this law under certain circumstances.

Parental consent should not be required.

Minors should notbe required to undergo counseling, but it should be recommended.

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