Former City Council member Kenneth A. Yowan announced Friday his intention to file as a candidate in the May 13 council election.

Yowan, 48, was forced to step down from the council in 1986 when he accepted a temporary post as technical adviser for the U.S. Pacific Fleet Submarine Force stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

A senior staff physicist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Yowan first was elected to the council in 1983. He has since completed the assignment in Hawaii and has returned to Westminster.

In a written statement dated for release Tuesday, Yowansaid he decided to run because he is "distressed with the direction that Westminster is heading." He also would like to see a resolution to the "infighting between the mayor and council that has hung over City Hall for the past two years."

Mayor W. Benjamin Brown has hinted that candidates will surface to oppose the council members who areat odds with him. But Yowan said he is not "running at the request of Mayor Brown, although I would welcome his or anyone else's support."

Yowan chaired the Westminster Downtown Task Force.

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