From The Sun Feb. 17-23, 1841Feb. 19:...

From The Sun Feb. 17-23, 1841

Feb. 19: Watch Returns -- During the night of the 17th the Eastern District was quiet.


Feb. 22: We observe a call in the Howard Free Press for a meeting to form a cavalry company at Ellicott's Mills. A military spirit seems to have entered the minds of the whole people. It is a good maxim, "in peace prepare for war."

From The Sun Feb. 17-23, 1891


Feb. 18: Miss Ava Lewis Willing, daughter of Edward S. Willing, of Philadelphia, was married in that city yesterday to John Jacob Astor, son of William Astor, of New York. After the ceremony they left Philadelphia and came to Baltimore. They are staying at the Hotel Rennert, and are making Baltimore a stopping place en route for the South.

Feb. 19: Mrs. Eileen Hunter, mother of Fire Commissioner John F. Hunter, will be 100 years old today. She was born in Baltimore on the 19th of February, 1791. Her health is good.

From The Sun Feb. 17-23, 1941

Feb. 17: With the University of Maryland's two-year $2,436,273 expansion program nearing completion, Dr. H. C. Byrd, president of the university, today gave out a list of ten new buildings and six improvements, which he describes as "immediate needs."

Feb. 20: The United States Coast Guard plant at Curtis Bay is being used by the United States Maritime Commission in its program for the swift re-conditioning of long idle cargo vessels to transport materials vitally needed for national defense, it was learned yesterday.