It's much tougher in sandOrganizers of 12-kilometer...


It's much tougher in sand

Organizers of 12-kilometer Bloomsday Run in Spokane, Wash., want military personnel in the Persian Gulf to participate on the same day that thousands run in that city.

Three military officers from Spokane who are stationed in the gulf have asked race officials to sanction 12-kilometer runs in Saudi Arabia on May 5, the same day as this year's 15th annual race, Lilac Bloomsday Association president Dick Eymann said.

Some 50,000-55,000 runners, walkers and wheelchair racers are expected to participate in Spokane while one or more such runs would be organized in Saudi Arabia to coincide.

Think again

The rock station radio personality who two weeks ago broadcast a fake report of a nuclear attack said he did it to make people think.

Now John Ulett will have plenty of time for contemplation himself.

He says the St. Louis Cardinals have told him he will not be retained for the 1991 season, ending an eight-year association with the Cardinals.

Ulett, who works for FM radio station KSHE, broadcast a fake report Jan. 29 that the United States was under nuclear attack. The report was made after several listeners suggested the United States use nuclear weapons on Iraq, he said.

Ulett said he broadcast the fake warning to make people think about the horrors of nuclear war.

KSHE suspended Ulett for a week, and the incident is being investigated by the Federal Communications Commission.

Team Akeem

Akeem Olajuwon says something positive may have come out of his eye injury -- an improvement in the Houston Rockets.

"If it took a blowout fracture to bring out the best in the players and the team, then it's worth it to me," the Rockets center said. "This is what I've wanted all along. Team basketball. Everybody's playing hard and playing to win."

Olajuwon, who fractured in the bones around his eyes in a collision with the Chicago Bulls' Bill Cartwright, is expected to rejoin the Rockets in early March.

The Rockets, 10-9 without Olajuwon, have won seven of their past eight games, shedding their image as a one-man team.

"I've been a victim of circumstances," he said. The media "said the team is standing around watching Akeem, right? Well, I have no control over that. I'm just out there playing my game."

The quote

Toronto Maple Leafs coach Tom Watt: "Better teams win more often than the teams that are not so good."

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