No motive in boy's killing


A 7-year-old East Baltimore boy found dead Friday in the bedroom of his apartment had been strangled, stabbed and sexually assaulted, police said yesterday.

But city police had no suspects in the slaying of Rodney Chaney of the 1500 block of Lester Morton Court. Homicide Detective Oscar Requer said police still had no motive in the boy's killing and did not know what device was used to strangle him.

The boy had suffered several deep puncture wounds in the chest and stomach, with at least one deep enough to penetrate several organs, but a medical examiner determined those wounds did not cause the boy's death, the detective said. Police do not know what weapon was used.

Police yesterday identified the victim's mother as 35-year-old Jacqueline Cumberbatch. The mother found the boy's body just before 4 p.m. Friday after returning home from work, the detective said.

He added that police had evidence suggesting the boy never left the apartment for school Friday morning. Police think the boy was killed between 6 and 11 a.m.

Detective Requer said anyone with information should call city homicide detectives at 396-2100.

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