Delegates try to shut Body Talk Rockdale striptease club is subject of bill


ANNAPOLIS -- The fat lady has neither danced nor sung yet for the owners of Body Talk, a striptease club in Rockdale, but a House committee tried yesterday to bring the curtain down on the controversial club.

Baltimore County residents have been trying to shut down the club, located in the 8100 block of Liberty Road, since May, when new management turned the former Al's Billiards into a nightclub with nude dancing.

Body Talk owner Dominic Stenti was fined $33,000 in November for zoning and building-code violations, but he has continued to operate the club while appealing the Baltimore District Court ruling. So Baltimore County legislators decided to try another tack, and yesterday the House Economic Matters Committee passed a bill, sponsored by Democratic Delegates Leon Albin, Theodore Levin and Richard Rynd, that would:

* Require Baltimore County clubs that don't sell alcohol but allow people to bring their own to obtain a special "No Sale, Bring and Consume Alcoholic Beverages Permit."

* Prohibit the county from issuing such a permit to clubs that have, in the words of committee counsel Lars B. Kristiansen, "earthy entertainment."

Asked by a committee member exactly what activities constitute earthiness, Mr. Kristiansen said the information is detailed in the bill, "but if you want it read, I might violate some other laws." (Readers 18 or older are advised to see House Bill 528 for further details.)

The bill is likely to face a full House vote next week.

Mr. Stenti could not be reached for comment.

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