A surprise Symphony for a Mozart-loving doc


SEEN ON THE SCENE: What would you give a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart admirer for his birthday? Ruth Levy, wife of Dr. Robert Levy, went way beyond a CD or record. She opted for an entire Mozart program performed live at the Peabody by the Concert Artists of Baltimore, under the direction of its handsome music director, Edward Polochick. Two hundred of their friends joined the Levys for the concert and a party that followed at the Peabody Library. What a wonderful idea for a party! Don't you love the way this lady thinks!

Former Baltimore County Delegate Joseph "Sonny" Minnick, a Baltimore County caterer, might have lost his election bid, but he's managed to turn his defeat into a victory by landing the job as government relations man for the Restaurant Association of Maryland. Several hundred of Minnick's legislative buddies accepted his invite to partake of the good food supplied by RAM members at a lobbying party. Sounds like Sonny is having his cake and eating it too . . .

HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE: While many charitable organizations are singing the fund-raising blues, the Heart Ball out-grossed everyone and netted the Heart Association approximately $230,000. Since most of the guests at that function are members of the medical community, perhaps that means that the recession hasn't hit our well-paid medical community, yet . . .

Did you hear that author Tom Clancy has promised to emcee ceremonies at the Shock-Trauma Gala on May 11 and allegedly he's promised to donate a portion of the proceeds from the movie "Patriot Games" to this wonderful hospital. (A few scenes are scheduled to be shot at Shock-Trauma.) That announcement almost curled the hair of members of the board of Patriots of Fort McHenry. Why so? Clancy served as the national chairman of a drive to raise money for the fort last year, which implied that perhaps Clancy might help fortify the fort a wee bit. . .

Oops, the governor had another slip of the tongue when he called the new stadium the Babe Ruth Stadium, or was it a slip? . . .

KUDOS: To Anne Boucher and John Yuhanick for coming up with the idea of "Boxes for Blankets" for the homeless last year when they hoped to collect enough to fill a crate and ended up collecting three tons of merchandise. This year's campaign is in full force until March 1, when they hope to have collected at least four tons of blankets, diapers, sheets, towels, underwear and toiletries to distribute.

WHAT"S HAPPENING? How long has it been since you celebrated George Washington's birthday? Me either. But maybe we should start this Monday night in the Lounge at Hersch's Orchard Inn. The birthday celebration will feature a tasty buffet and the music of the "Dangerous Duo" from 7 p.m. till . . .

Locals may remember this duo ' Mark Tiernan, who plays keyboards and sings, and Michael Hodgeman, vocalist, when they were with the Admirals, a local band that's been around since Tommy Berry formed the band on Halloween Night, 1958. (Tom now owns a very successful Towson liquor store, and the band plays on.)

Tiernan, who was once Dionne's ("Run Around Sue" and "Teenager In Love") musical director, said that he and Hodgeman have finally decided to follow up on something they wanted to do 20 years ago: go on their on. Thanks to modern technology, the Duo sounds like a big band playing show tunes, top 40 and current dance music. Although Monday's only a one-night stand, I betcha they'll be back.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: Glenn Beck, B-104 morning personality, 2/10; Steve Rouse, WQSR morning man, 2/14; Tom Davis, sports announcer for WQSR, Home Team Sports and Channel 45, 2/14;

CALENDAR NOTES: In her heyday, Odetta was described as a folk singer, civil rights activist and cult figure. And after 35 years, she still has a message. You may have read about her in "I Dream a World," a book that features black women who have changed America. On Sunday, at 3 p.m., she'll be on stage at the M.S.T.F. Auditorium, at the University of Maryland Medical School campus, 10 South Pine St. Tickets, $8 general admission and $6 for students and senior citizens, may be purchased at the door.

THE LAST WORD: "In these tough economic times, it's hard to tighten your belt when all you're wearing is a diaper," Susan P. Leviton, president of Advocates for Children, when asked about the legislature cutting funds for children's programs.

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Our Guy Friday

NAME: Howard Head

CLAIM TO FAME: Skis and tennis rackets, and one of the namesakes of the Martha and Howard Head Theatre, which opens tonight at Center Stage.

HOMELIFE: Content with my love, Marty.

WORKLIFE: Slowed down . . . I'm happy to say.

STYLE: Quick to listen . . . quick to challenge.

PASSIONS: My wife, skis and tennis rackets. In that order.

QUOTE: "I never sold anything . . . better to make it so right that it sells itself."

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