50-ton 'Starlight' requires 10 tractor trailors, 80 people


"Starlight Express" weighs approximately 50 tons. Ten 48-foot tractor trailers are required to move the production, including the set, lighting, computers and costumes, from city to city.

Eighty people work 12-20 hours to load the set in each theater.

A skating ramp extends 44 feet from the front of the stage over the orchestra pit and into the audience.

Twenty-two miles of fiber optics create a star field of 10,000 points of light for the starlight effect.

There are two specially designed laser beams. There are 800 stationary lights and another 500 lights are built into the aluminum deck. There are 50 Vari-Lites, a moving, computerized light capable of emitting 1,400 colors.

The production uses six separate computer systems for sound, lights, film projection and scenery.

The costumes cost between $10,000 and $22,000 each. Some costumes weigh up to 45 pounds.

Each actor wears a helmet that contains a light powered by a concealed battery pack. Thirty wireless microphones are fitted into the various helmets.

The traveling company consists of 80 theater professionals -- performers, understudies, pit singers, coaches, technical crew and business managers.

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