To George Bush: From Broadmead. Re: The War


This letter was sent to President Bush by 75 residents of Broadmead, a retirement home in Cockeysville. Another letter, calling for a cease-fire in the Middle East, was signed by 54 residents.

AS RESIDENTS of a retirement home, we are old enough to have seen many wars. Our experience leads us to believe that the expected benefits of war seldom, if ever, justify the human suffering, the increased animosity and the physical devastation that inevitably result. We therefore believe that it is generally to the advantage of all parties to find peaceful solutions to conflict.

A ground war is not "inevitable" until someone starts it. We strongly support the position that the coalition forces should not undertake a ground war at this time, for the following reasons:

1) to save lives;

2) to preserve economic resources;

3) to diminish anti-Western sentiment in the Arab world;

4) to recognize the 3-to-1 military advantage of the defense over the offense.

5) to give time to address difficult regional problems and to provide for justice in the Middle East, under a United Nations framework.

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