Stray bullet hits woman shooter kills himself


A 42-year-old Dundalk woman asleep in her bedroom was seriously wounded by a stray bullet late last night during a shooting incident across the street, Baltimore County police said. The man who fired the shots later committed suicide.

Nancy Hile Lang, of the 1900 block of Jackson Road, was listed in good condition today at the Shock-Trauma Unit in Baltimore with a wound in the back, police said.

Police spokesman E. Jay Miller said the bizarre shooting incident began when Owen Richard Jennings, 53, of the 7200 block of River Drive in Edgemere, drove up to his sister-in-law's home on Jackson Road about 11:20 p.m. His wife, Delores M. Schuman, 52, had gone there after a domestic argument yesterday.

Miller said Jennings, armed with a .38-caliber revolver, fired at least two shots at his wife's car and another into the floor of the sister-in-law's enclosed front porch. He then entered the house.

Encountering his wife in the hallway, Jennings placed the handgun to his head, pulled the trigger and killed himself, Miller said.

Police at the scene determined that one of the bullets Owens fired at his wife's car missed, crossed the street, ripped through the wall of Lang's house and hit her.

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