Making new looks of old threads


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Rework and recycle

Some of those old favorites languishing in the back of your closet could be turned into stylish candidates for this spring's wardrobe if you use some imagination, suggests Linda Scherr, co-owner of Rococo, a specialty store in the Commercentre.

"Everybody's got big shirts or big sweaters from five years ago," she says. "Instead of wearing them with trousers or a skirt the way we used to, you can make them look very '90s by putting themwith leggings, capris or even just tights that we have on our sock wall for as little as $10."

That delicate lace or organdy blouse you only wear once or twica year can look "very L.A.," she says, when worn with a pair of the new softer, stretch jeans. "You get that hip combination of something very soft and feminine with a harder edge."

You can also get a new look with old threads if you take advantage of the trend toward unconventional color and pattern mixes. "That striped blazer you always wore with a solid, you could now combine with polka dots," she says.

The one accessory that she says never fails to transform an ensemble is a hat. "Sometimes I can wear an outfit a dozen times and it doesn't get any attention until I wear a hat." Possibilities she recommends for this season are straw hats, baseball caps, captain's hats or wide, sequined headbands.

Leather weather

Here are a few tips from the Leather Apparel Association: Avoid heat and humidity, never store leather under plastic because it dries out, and always clean matching garments at the same time since variations in color and texture often occur.

Most wrinkles hang out, but if not, cover the garment with heavy paper and use the lowest setting without steam. A dab of rubber cement quickly repairs a hem.

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