OK, Glen Burnie, are you ready for Valentine's Day? Has everyone bought their assorted flowers, candies, jewelry and cards? Are all the restaurants on Ritchie Highway booked for dinner tomorrow night?

Has anyone noticed my husband buying me anything, anything at all?


My valentine gift to the women of Glen Burnie is a few shopping tips for the men of this town. Cut this out and tape it to the rear-view mirror in his car.

1. Valentine flowers should be roses. Red, pink and white carnations purchased at the Amoco station just doesn't make it, guys. No matter matter what she claims, she really wanted roses.


2. Never take her to a restaurant with a drive-in window or where you have to pay for your food before you are served. A Happy Meal is considered cute only by the 6-and-under set.

3. Check her lingerie drawer. If you can find at least two pair of control-top panty hose, she probably won't appreciate the 11-pound box of candy with the red satin bow.

4. Anyone who buys his sweetheart a gift or a card at the 7-Eleven deserves exactly what they get when they arrive home. I mean, what are you people thinking?

So happy Valentine's Day.And if anyone sees my husband in a 7-Eleven tomorrow, show him this column.


Students at Southgate Elementary School appear to have been bitten by a camera bug, judging by the number of entrys in the school's film festival.

More than 20 children submitted a photograph, videotape or slide. Students had an option of using color or monochrome for their submission.

The winners were selected by members of the Bowie-Crofton Camera Club.


"The photographs are very nice," said media specialist Elizabeth Thornton, adviser to the

project."Considering they are young children without any formal training, they have done a very nice job."

The first-place winners of the 1991Southgate Film Festival are: Erin Holzman, slide ;Sal Filipelli, video; Kylene Cox, color landscape; Kristine Sims, color life studies; Jennifer Summers, color still life; Jennifer Watts, monochrome landscape, life studies and still life.

All of the student's efforts areon display in the main showcase in the lobby of the school.


The people at the Arundel Hospice don't have to think twice when asked who's their favorite valentine. Henry Lawton wins the honor hands down.


A volunteer at the hospice since 1985, Lawton was recently selected by the Glen Burnie Jaycees as their representative for the Outstanding Senior Citizen's award. He was nominated by Beverly Bassford, the director at the hospice.

"As a volunteer, he works at least 40-plus hours each week," said Bassford. "He serves on the hospice board as vice president and treasurer, he is the secretary and the treasurer of the hospice foundation and he served three years as directorof development."

In addition, Lawton has set up a complete computer system for the office and established a computer link between several other area hospices. A program that he developed for the annual mass mailing for donations brought in significantly more money.

Lawton is a little surprised at all the recognition he has received.

"People may be impressed that I put in 40 hours a week as a volunteer, but when I retired from Westinghouse I knew I wasn't the type to sit around," he explained. "This fills a void in my life. If I wasn't doing this, I don't know what I'd do."

Lawton and nine other representatives from various Jaycee chapters in the state will be honored at a banquet on March 23.



If Harundale Mall seems a little noisy this Saturday, blame it on the cheerleaders. Eleven squads from eight area schools and youth sports organizations will be competing from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday in "Baltimore's Best Cheerleading Competition."

Representatives from the Eastern Cheerleaders Association in Virginia will judge the competition. Gary Murphy of radio station B-104 will be the emcee.

The competition will be divided into three divisions: junior high, junior varsity and varsity. Squads from Arthur Slade Regional Catholic School, the A. A. Gridiron Rebels and the Riviera Beach Buccaneers will participate in the junior high contest. Annapolis, Broadneck, Chesapeake, North County and Northeast will performon the high school levels.

The public is invited to cheer on their favorite squad.



Wives and mothers of service personnel in Saudi Arabia can send their loved ones a special (albeit belated) valentine greeting next week -- a picture of themselves after a complete make-over, courtesy of Your New Image in Patriot's Plaza.

"We saw this on the Sally Jessy Raphael show and thought it was a nice idea,"explained Sureyya Demir, co-owner of the beauty salon. "We wanted totry it locally."

On Feb. 18 and 19 the ladies will be invited to use the New Image Salon System, a computer that allows the client to see how different hairstyles will look before they make a choice. In addition to the haircut and style, each woman will have a makeup lesson to accentuate positive features.

A photographer from Lewis Photography will take complimentary pictures at the salon and then forward them to the gulf, courtesy of U.S. Parcel in Pasadena.

Preregistration is required. Call the store as soon as possible, 766-0151.



As my editor will attest, good spelling is not one of my attributes. So I genuinely admire people who can remember the spelling of a word longer than it takes to walk back from the dictionary.

Area middle schools had spelling bees recently to determine their representatives in the county competition later in the month.

Vanessa Weesetook first place at Marley Middle School with the

words "deceitful" and "definite." The runners-up were Mike Gittins, Kerri Kimes and Neisha Taylor.

Corkran Middle School will be represented by Kevin Wells. Kevin is an eighth-grade student at Corkran. Meghan Matukonis placed second and Emily Hood was third in the competition.



The Father McGivney Council of the Knights of Columbus was recently awarded the St. Julie Billiart Award by Arthur Slade Regional Catholic School for outstanding service and commitment to the school.

The awardwas presented to Grand Knight James Degnan at a dance sponsored by the Home-School Association to honor the school's many volunteers.

"The Knights of Columbus have done so many things for the school thatit's difficult to keep them straight," said Suzanne Whitmore, development director at Slade. "Each spring they put on the Youth Bowl, a track and field competition for the children in the school. Last Christmas they gave each student a balloon that read 'Happy Birthday Jesus' as part of their campaign to keep Christ in Christmas. They really do so much."

Other projects of the Knights include the Principal'sAward, which is given to outstanding students every year for their academic, social and citizenship skills. The gentlemen also volunteer to referee the school's basketball program and participate in the weekly bingo.


It's time once again for the annual Sweetheart's Ball sponsored by the Holy Trinity Council of the Knights of Columbus.The event runs from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Saturday at the Columbian Center, 335 N. Ritchie Highway. Black tie is optional.


Dinner will be served at 8 and includes chicken Marsala, rice pilaf and steamed fresh broccoli. Beer and setups will be provided.

Dancing to the sounds of Central Avenue will begin at 9 and continue until 1.

Tickets may be purchased by calling 647-3413 as soon as possible. There will not be any tickets available at the door.

Phone: 766-6790