From: Dexter Walker

Severna Park

As a citizen of Anne Arundel County and the State of Maryland, I feel that it is necessary to show support for the Maryland Growth andChesapeake Bay Protection Act of 1991. There is a bit of controversyconcerning this bill which is due to the fact that the bill proposesto have the state control land development and protect environmentally sensitive areas instead of the county or local government.

The main idea of the bill is to restrict growth and preserve the environment. All parties agree on the ideas and meaning of the bill. It is the state versus the local government situation that is causing the controversy and making it difficult to pass.

I feel that the idea of the state controlling the situation is the correct choice as do most of the politicians who have studied the different aspects and ramifications. If the state controls and oversees the bill, there can be a uniform and widespread effect. Also, state officials are not as likelyto be affected by local businessmen and developers as local officials would. This would mean that the state officials could key in on what is right for the environment without worry or hassle.

As a citizen of Maryland, I support this bill in its entirety, as should all the citizens that love our great state. In 1991, the battle to save theenvironment has begun, and this is the first step.

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