Mackie is back!


Hollywood rarely smelled so good. At the recent party to launch Bob Mackie's new fragrance, Mackie, and benefit the Childrens AIDS Center at the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, revelers were showered with spritzes of his new floral scent.

Mackie had another namesake fragrance in the early '80s that didn't make it.

"It wasn't promoted properly," he said.

With more than 800 fragrances on the market, Mackie is aware of the odds of success this time around.

"When I started out as a young designer, and I said I wanted to be a costume designer in movies, people said, 'Are you crazy? There are only a half-dozen designers like that.' You just can't think of that. If you have a product you believe in, and you push, you never know what can happen."


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