Terreri, Richter too good to be part-timers


NEW YORK -- Time-sharing is nothing new for the New Jersey Devils' Chris Terreri or the New York Rangers' Mike Richter. They once shared the goal on the United States' 1988 Olympic team.

"We split time pretty much all the way to the Olympics," Terreri said. "I played the Russians; he played the Czechoslovakians. That's how it went."

That's how it still goes. This season, Terreri has split time with Sean Burke, and Richter has alternated with John Vanbiesbrouck.

However, it's hard to believe that situation can continue for long. Terreri and Richter are too good now to be part-time goaltenders.

"Playing on that Olympic team along with Mike changed my career," Terreri said. "The season before, my first year as a pro, so many negative things happened that I considered quitting. I came up to the Devils and didn't play, then I was sent to the minors and didn't play. It was frustrating, and the game wasn't fun anymore. It was great I was able to play for the Olympic team. It gave me a season to focus on my career."

"We have something to say to each other," said Terreri, indicating the rivalry never really ended.

Devils forward Dave Maley has vivid memories of both goalies from their college days. He played at Wisconsin with Richter, but he also saw plenty of Terreri at Providence. Maley is not surprised that both of them are making it in the NHL.

"What I remember most about Richter is how hard he worked," Maley said. "He was the hardest working guy there.

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