That's the idea, sirThe idea seemed reasonable...

That's the idea, sir

The idea seemed reasonable enough: If candidates for public office must file reports in Annapolis that show who gave them money for their campaigns, why not make those same reports available where the candidates live?


Delegate Gerald J. Curran, D-Baltimore, offered a reason why not: Such a requirement, he said, might make it too convenient for political opponents to review your report.

But Delegate Anne S. Perkins, D-Baltimore, chairwoman of the Constitutional and Administrative Law Committee, said, "The goal is to have the reports available for people to see. If we're going to have disclosure, let's let people see it."


The House is expected to take a final vote on the bill later this week.

Efforts to legalize slot machines in Harford and Worcester counties came up lemons yesterday.

Gov. William Donald Schaefer vowed to veto any legislation legalizing the one-armed bandits beyond where the law currently allows.

Since 1987, the machines have been legal in eight Eastern Shore counties for use by non-profit organization to raise money for themselves and for charities. Bills have already been submitted by a Worcester delegate and two Harford senators to allow groups in those two counties to use the slot machines as well.

"I am absolutely opposed to them," Governor Schaefer told reporters at an afternoon news conference in the State House. "If I have an opportunity, if they come here, I will veto them. [They will be] among the first bills that I veto."

Quote of the day

"We want to make sure abortion is safe and legal in this state. This bill will do that."

-- Delegate Lawrence A. LaMotte,


D-Carroll, urging House approval of an abortion-rights bill that passed the Senate yesterday


:010 a.m.: House and Senate convene, State House.

a.m.: Board of Public Works meets, State House.

1 p.m.: Senate Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee considers Schaefer administration bill to make kindergarten mandatory at age 5, Room 200, Senate Office Building.

1 p.m.: House Judiciary Committee considers bill that would penalize those convicted of drug crimes with the loss of driver's licenses, Room 120, House Office Building.


2 p.m.: House Appropriations subcommittee considers budget for Baltimore Convention Center, Room 406, House Office Building.

There are 54 days remaining in the 1991 General Assembly session.