Wiseman hoping to double his pleasure


Last year, in front of a throng of hometown fans and a national television audience, Danny Wiseman was so poised that he won the $28,000 first prize in the Fair Lanes Open.

Yesterday, speaking to a handful of local media, bowling executives and tournament sponsors, the 23-year-old Dundalk native admitted, "I'm a little nervous, as you can tell. I like the one-on-one a little bit better."

Wiseman, who also won the Kessler Classic in Riverside, Calif., and a total of $81,156 last year on the PBA circuit, let it be known that success hasn't gone to his head. "I'm still the same person," he said. "I have two titles. So what? That's how I was brought up."

Still, he reflected on that special moment yesterday while in Baltimore to promote this year's $150,000 Fair Lanes Open. "Last year -- what can I say?" he said. "It was a dream. Everything clicked. Everybody was there that I knew and grew up with."

The tournament will be held at the new Fair Lanes Kings Point in Randallstown, Feb. 24 to March 2. Wiseman, for the first time, will have to deal with the pressure of being defending champion before his family and friends. "I like it," he said. "I like the crowd support. It pumps me up. I'd love to win it back-to-back."

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