Tiny teethParents should clean a baby's teeth...

Tiny teeth

Parents should clean a baby's teeth daily from the time the first tooth appears, advises the American Academy of Pediatrics. Use a piece of gauze or damp cloth at first, and then switch to a baby toothbrush as the child gets older. Put only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the brush, and warn the child not to swallow it, since ingested fluoride from the toothpaste can cause bright white spots on the teeth.


Headache hints

You may think your headaches are caused by noise, or stress, or fatigue; and maybe they are. But, as the University of California, Berkeley, Health Letter points out, headaches can also come from something you ate: Your head might hurt after you eat aged cheese, nuts, yogurt, sour cream, processed meats, chocolate, MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, aspartame, or freshly baked yeast products. Alcoholic beverages, especially red wine, could


also set off the pain, as could caffeinated drinks -- or sudden withdrawal from caffeine.

Relaxation training, massage, exercise, better posture, biofeedback, ice packs or moist heat might give you some relief, the Health Letter says.

Running lights

The lengthening daylight, as this unusually mild winter moves toward spring, may be bringing more joggers and walkers out of doors in the early morning/late afternoon hours. But when exercise extends into twilight or darkness, we still need some help to light up the night. Children might require some extra visibility too, as they wait for buses or walk to school, North Arundel Hospital points out. Therefore, the hospital is offering free fluorescent arm bands -- the kind that glow when hit by headlight beams.

To get yours, call the hospital public relations office at 787-4367.