Hey, where was Bay area in Super Bowl?

Fact: The recent Giants-Bills Super Bowl was the first Super Bowl or World Series in 36 months without a team from the Bay area.

Opinion: Let's get this straight. UNLV is easily the best college basketball team, but it would lose by 30 to the Charlotte Hornets.


Fact: When Jose Canseco faces Roger Clemens this year, the at-bat will have a net worth of almost $15,000. (Based on a full season of play, Canseco will get $8,000 per at-bat, Clemens $6,500 per out.)

Opinion: The Pistons aren't going to three-peat without Isiah Thomas.


Fact: Only seven times in college basketball history has an unbeaten team won the national championship (UCLA did it four times.) Most recent was Indiana in 1976.

Opinion: If I'm picking a starting five for my NBA team, Dennis Rodman is on it.

Fact: Friday's Dunbar-Lake Clifton game drew a crowd twice as large as any local college game this season (except for the Coppin-Morgan game last week).

Opinion: The Orioles rotation: McDonald, Milacki, Johnson, Mesa, Ballard.

Fact: Frank Robinson says that of the three players the Orioles traded to the Astros for Glenn Davis, he most regrets losing Curt Schilling.

Opinion: It's a tough admission for an NBA junkie to make, but the All-Star Game is a bit of a bore.

Fact: Spring training will last 47 days for the Orioles this year.

Opinion: The All-Baltimore college basketball team: Tracy Bergan Loyola, Reggie Isaac of Coppin State, Kevin Green of Loyola, Devin Boyd of Towson State and Larry Stewart of Coppin. Yeah, four guards. So sue me.


Fact: This year marks the 30th anniversary of Roger Maris' 61-homer season.

Opinion: Randy Milligan better oil his outfielder's glove.

Fact: Since 1970, only two teams with American Football League roots -- the Raiders and Dolphins -- have won the Super Bowl.

Opinion: Shaquille O'Neal needs a couple more years of college ball before he's ready for the NBA.

Fact: The New York Giants gave a 480-question test to players at last weekend's NFL scouting combine. Among the questions was "True or false: I would really like to be a nurse."

Opinion: With his Maryland team on probation and the Ohio State team he built ranked No. 2 in the polls, Gary Williams must be going slightly batty.


Fact: Ben Johnson has won two of four races since coming back from suspension.

Opinion: A very early line on the baseball races: Red Sox and A's in the American League, Cubs and Dodgers in the National.

Fact: Sergei Bubka broke the world pole vault record for the 10th time last weekend, coming with a half-inch of a 20-foot vault.

Opinion: Sure is a shame to see Billy Tubbs getting it shoved in his face this season.

Fact (From the "Hockey Haters Handbook"): There were a combined 465 penalty minutes in Sunday's Skipjacks and Caps games.

Opinion: When a golfer wins a tournament at 30-under, as Corey Pavin did over the weekend, it's time to find some tougher courses.


Fact: Only one player in Sunday's NBA All-Star Game was not a first-round draft pick -- Portland's Kevin Duckworth.

Opinion: Something tells me that Bobby Knight and Indiana would give UNLV a scare.

Fact: Eight of the 29 teams that have reached the Final Four since 1980 later have gone on probation.

Opinion: I would pay to watch George Foreman fight Mike Tyson, but I don't think Foreman is going to beat Evander Holyfield.

Fact: In Atlanta, they are going to build an 85,000-seat Olympic Stadium in addition to the 70,000-seat Georgia Dome under construction.

Opinion: The best national anthem I ever heard at a sporting event was Marvin Gaye at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game.


Fact: Said the Sacramento Kings' Dick Motta after coaching his record-breaking 1,652nd NBA game: "Someone will be dumb enough to break this record some day."

Opinion: If the NBA were serious about this "Stay in School" business, its teams would agree not to draft underclassmen.

Fact: NBA rookie Gary Payton has hired 16 people to manage his money. He is averaging 7.8 points and shooting 44 percent.

Opinion: The 49ers put Ronnie Lott on the Plan B list a little too soon.

Fact: The Oakland A's will have at least 13 players with million-dollar salaries this season.

Opinion: If we all close our eyes and wish really hard, maybe the Notre Dame basketball team won't show up on TV any more this year.


Fact: It's all over the New York papers that the Knicks are trying to trade Jerrod Mustaf.

Opinion: If we all close our eyes and wish really hard, maybe Victor Kiam simply will go away.