Negotiations between the school board and the Carroll County Education Association will continue tomorrow.

Edward J. Gutman, the board's counsel and chief negotiator for contract talks with teachers, is expected to respond to a counter insurance proposal offered by CCEA and the other four associations representing school workers.

In addition, CCEA, which represents about 1,300 teachers, expectsthe board to respond to its proposal to increase teachers' salaries by 8 percent next fiscal year, which begins July 1. CCEA maintains the money is needed to offset inflation and the rising cost of medical insurance.

However, Superintendent R. Edward Shilling, in unveiling a proposed $112 million spending plan for next year, said school officials have included 3 percent wage increases for all workers.

Shilling noted that teachers have received 5- , 8- and 9-percent annualwage increases in recent years to make district salaries more competitive with neighboring school systems.

School officials have said the district cannot afford more than that because of the current economic crisis.

Also of concern to teachers is planning time. CCEA has asked the school board to increase teacher planning time from 225 minutes a week to 270 minutes.

Harold Fox, CCEA's chief negotiator, said many teachers, particularly at the elementary level, spend an additional 15 to 20 hours a week at home planning classroom activities.

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