Two unofficial winners in the Coors Light $25,000 Duckpin Classic semifinals are from Mount Airy Lanes.

They will advance to the finals at Turner's Long Meadow Bowl in Hagerstown, Washington County, for the May 18-19 finals and a chance to take home one of the $3,000 first-place prizes.

The results are expected to become official next week after they are certified by the sponsor.

Since one of the qualifiers is a manand the other a woman, they both have a chance of taking home a $3,000 first prize.

Linda Stone, an Emmitsburg dairy farmer with her husband, David, has been bowling at Mount Airy Lanes since 1980.

"Icould bowl at a center closer to home," Stone said. "But I would drive the 50-mile round-trip and bowl with my friends at Joe Rineer's (owner of Mount Airy Lanes)."

That league Stone bowls in is the Wednesday Afternoon Ladies, where she carries a 112 average.

Linda hada high game of 168 and a 420 series.

The Stones, with their two sons, have run an 80-acre dairy farm for many years; taking care of 60diary cows is a time-consuming endeavor, but Linda says she always manages to get away for her league bowling.

"I really enjoy bowling," she said. "It's the greatest way to have fun with your friends."

Stone threw games of 116, 126, 119, 111 and 125 for a scratch 597 series in the Coors Light event; with her handicap of 230, she became the qualifier for the finals with a total of 827.

Jeff Fleming averages a little more in his quest for the qualifier to the Coors Lite Championship; he had a 690 scratch series for his five games.

Fleming bowls in the Friday night league at Mount Airy Lanes and carries a 119 average with a high game of 152. He throws a 3-pound 12-ounce ball.

Fleming lives in Mount Airy and is the service manager for Finch's.

His wife, Gina, is employed at the Mount Airy bowling center. She's the lady behind the snack bar, and she does some pretty goodbowling of her own; her average is 108.

"I just like to bowl," Jeff Fleming said. "And I like to work with kids."

That works out really good for both Fleming and the kids that he coaches in the duckpin youth program.

The team that Fleming coached took first place inthe National Duckpin Youth Association national tournament this year.

Now, where is the guy that said that those that can't do it, teach it?

Don't try to tell that to Fleming or his team; they know better.

* So you're an average tenpin bowler, eh?

Well, you should average 162.76; if you're a right-hander it should be 162.35 and if you're a left-hander it should be 167.14. These are the figures that were culled from the Greater Detroit Bowling Association Yearbook for the 1989-1990 season. Because there is no way for the American Bowling Congress to compile all averages, Detroit is used as the "nation's norm" due to its large membership.

As could be expected, 161-170 average bracket group was the largest with 25,692, while 23,044 averaged between 171-180 and 21,592 from 151-160.

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