The City Council is scheduled to adopt a resolution that would empower the mayor to appoint additional election judges.

The resolution would amend the city's charter to allow the mayor to make the appointments.

Originally, Mayor W. Benjamin Brown asked the council to also give the mayor power to establish an additional polling location for Westminster voters in city elections. The mayor said recent streamlining of voter-registration procedures would prompt significantly greater turnout for elections this May. Brown said a second polling place andmore election judges would be needed to meet the increased turnout.

The council wasn't convinced, and introduced a resolution in January that would grant only the authority to appoint additional judges.

The council also is expected to introduce a resolution that would rescind the city's 18-month-old moratorium on sewer hookup permits for residential building.

A public hearing on a pair of rezoning applications will precede the council meeting. The hearing begins at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall.

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