An Aberdeen butcher wanted for attempted murder in Illinois has asked that the charges be dismissed and that he be released from jail.

William J. Moore, 51, has been held at the county detention center since Dec. 1. He argues in court papers filed last week that he shouldbe released because no action has been taken on his case since he was arrested. A hearing on the request is scheduled for Feb. 21.

Moore was arrested shortly after his story was featured on television in a segment of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s "America's Most Wanted" crime show.

Since his arrest, Moore has been fighting extradition to Illinois, where he was convicted in absentia for the attempted murder of a woman on Oct. 14, 1985. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Moore's attorney, Karl H. Goodman of Baltimore, said "(Moore) likes Harford County. He's in no hurry to go back."

While being held in jail without bond, Moore married his girlfriend, Patricia M. Brown, on Jan. 7, marriage records show. The couple had been living together at an Edgewood mobile home park.

Meanwhile, Moore's attorney in Illinois has asked court officials in DuPage County to give Moore a new trial because he was not present during the first one, Goodman said.

Moore lived in Harford County under the name Joseph DeBartolo, working as a butcher in an Aberdeen grocery store. Moore attended Aberdeen High School between 1954 and 1956, but did not graduate.

Investigators have not determined when Moore returned to Harford County.

They have discovered that in the mid-1980s, Moore owned a meatmarket in Naperville, an upper middle-class suburb of Chicago in DuPage County.

At the market, Moore became friends with Lloyd Hamman,a regular customer. Hamman complained that he was worried about losing money in a pending divorce.

Moore and Hamman then developed a "murder for hire" plot to kill Hamman's estranged wife, the DuPage County state's attorney's office said. Moore was to be paid $25,000 for the murder.

Moore and an accomplice went to the woman's house and choked her with a telephone cord, leaving her for dead.

The woman recovered and her husband turned state's evidence, identifying Moore and the accomplice.

Moore and the accomplice were arrested and charged with the attack, but Moore posted bail and then staged his suicide. His motorcycle was found on a bridge over the Kankakee River in Illinois, and his helmet was discovered in the river.

Because of the shallowness of the river, authorities did not believe Moore had died and began a search for him.

Following the "America's Most Wanted" episode featuring Moore, dozens of people from the Aberdeen area called the show's switchboard and identified Joseph DeBartolo as the suspect.

Moore said after his arrest in Harford County that he fled Illinois five years ago to save himself from wrongful prosecution.

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