Joby's Social Club in Union Bridge won't have to pay a $250 fine levied by the county liquor board while the club's appeal of the decision is pending, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Last month, the liquor board found the club's owners guilty of serving alcohol after hours. Joby's appealed the decision in Carroll County Circuit Court Jan. 18.

Wednesday, Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. said the club won't haveto pay the fine before the appeal is settled.

A hearing date in the case has not been set yet.

Liquor Board Administrator J. Ronald Lau testified at a hearing in December that he saw people in Joby's drinking about 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 11. The club closes at 1 a.m., and county law says bars and restaurants may not permit anyone to drink alcohol 15 minutes after closing.

The appeal sayspatrons in the bar were not drinking alcohol when Lau saw them.

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