The town's ball fields, at its western end, need sprucing up, and Councilman Terry Petry has some ideas on how to do it.

Petry told the Town Council Wednesday that he has been working with Neil Ridgely, county landscaper. Ridgely presented his plans for enclosing the ballpark with trees and shrubs.

"We have selected plantings to help make the area look better andprevent erosion," said Ridgely. "Once the planting is done, the townshouldn't have to worry about a lot of maintenance."

If the town agrees, Ridgely suggested purchasing about 450 plants and 22 yards ofmulch. He estimated the cost at about $5,000. Planting will rely on volunteer labor, he added.

Petry said he hoped to hear soon about Planned Open Space money, which could be used for the project. If that money isn't available, Ridgely said he could help the town apply for other state money.

Petry and Ridgely said that as soon as the weather breaks, they want to clean the weeds and brush from the fields and mark the spots for each planting. Councilman D. Kenneth Grimes said the work would be perfect for community service workers.

"Neil has really planned to stretch our dollars," said Petry. "We can really spruce the place up."

In other business:

* Steven C. Horn, county planner, explained the federal Clean Air Act and the state 2020 Land Use Plan.

* Mayor James C. Carlisle said coupons for free white pine seedlings were available at Town Hall for anyone who had recycled a Christmas tree.

* Those interested in running for one of the three council seats that will be open this year must file by April 8. The election will be May 14.

The town will schedule a registration day for voters in March.

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