From The Sun Feb. 10-16, 1841Feb. 11:...


From The Sun Feb. 10-16, 1841

Feb. 11: Some of the busy bodies of this city have made several attempts to get up a report that the New York banks have followed those of Philadelphia and Baltimore and refused to pay

their notes.

Feb. 13: To-morrow is the anniversary of St. Valentine. So boys and girls look about -- you don't know but some of you might pTC make your " 'tarnal fortin," as Zeke Jones says.

From The Sun Feb. 10-16, 1891

Feb. 13: The anniversary of the birthday of Abraham Lincoln was celebrated by Lincoln Post, No. 7, G.A.R., at Dushbane Post Hall last night.

Feb. 16: The flag at Fort McHenry was placed at half-mast in respect to the death of Gen. Sherman.

From The Sun Feb. 10-16, 1941

Feb. 10: Annapolis -- Gov. O'Conor announced today that he is "placing the administration squarely behind" the fireworks control bill now before the General Assembly.

Feb. 12: Beginning today, with a luncheon meeting at 12:15 P.M., the Peabody Conservatory of Music will open its campaign to raise $125,000.

Feb. 13: Maryland motorists will begin next week to perform the annual automobile-license-tag comedy, it was learned yesterday from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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