You'll notice that our masthead is missing two writers this week, Will Englund and Kathy Lally. I point this out with mixed feelings. On the one hand, they've been a great addition to the magazine staff and we'll miss them badly; on the other, they've embarked on what seems to me a fabulous adventure. They and their two little girls and three years' supply of everything from toilet paper to kids' birthday presents will be headed for the Soviet Union this summer, where Kathy and Will will work as The Sun's correspondents in the Moscow Bureau. At the moment Kathy and Will are on the foreign news staff but still in Baltimore, taking intensive Russian classes and reading everything they can get their hands on in preparation for the trip. From time to time you'll still see their bylines in the magazine.

As magazine writers, Will and Kathy were half of an unusual job-sharing arrangement with A. M. Chaplin; they also worked as reporters on the education beat for our metro staff. We're not sure what will happen with their half of the magazine job yet: A. M. may decide she'd like to work 40 hours a week, or she may find someone else who wants to write a book or go back to school who'll take on the other half of her magazine writing job.

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