Satsuma vase could fetch up to $300


Q: Enclosed is a picture of a vase marked "Made in Japan." It is decorated with pictures of three men, who I suppose are Samurai warriors. Thanks for any information you can supply.

A: Your vase would be classified as Satsuma (a type of ceramics native to Japan). It was made in the first quarter of the 20th century and would sell for $100 to $300 depending on size.

Q: The enclosed mark is on the bottom of a 16-inch vase. It is oval shaped and is painted with floral sprigs and buds. It has cobalt blue bands at the top and bottom. I would appreciate any information you can provide, as this vase has been in our family for many years.

A: Your vase was made by Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel (also known as the Amphora Porcelain Works) about 1900. Similar vases have sold in the $265 to $285 range.

Q: You have written about World's Fair items being popular collectibles. Can you give me some idea of the value of a sugar bowl and cream pitcher marked "Columbian Exposition" on the sides and "Coalport -- England" on the bottom?

A: The Columbian Exposition was held in Chicago, commemorating the discovery of America (1492-1892). Your sugar and creamer were made by the Coalport porcelain factory and would probably sell for about $165 to $185.

Q: Can you tell me when "The Operator's Bell" 5-cent slot machine was made and what its value in good condition might be?

A: "The Operator's Bell" slot machine was made by the Mill's company as early as 1910 and there aren't many of them around. Sales records are scarce but a realistic estimate would be about $8,000 to $10,000.

Q: Please tell me whatever you can about a Belleek porcelain sugar bowl marked with a snake and the name "Willets." It is decorated with baskets of pink roses and has a pedestal base.

A: Your sugar bowl was made by Willets Manufacturing Co. in Trenton, N.J., about 1900. Willets produced a fine quality porcelain to compete with Irish Belleek. A dealer would price this sugar bowl at about $165 to $185.

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