HUE Legwear sent out a New Year's card that included an unusual twist: a four-photo pictorial on "Promises to Keep." Underneath the first photo was written "Girls, 1991."

It's only February, but already the company has made good on its 1991 resolution. When women think back to their little-girl legwear they often remember scratchy lace tights and falling-down knee-socks. HUE intends to introduce legwear that offers girls the fun, free, easy options their mothers have. Everything from colorful opaque tights and capris to funky florals will no doubt have the lucky little girls who get them happily hopping along in style. You can find the new legwear at the Towson and Owings Mills Hecht's, retailing from $4 to $12. As for the other three photos, they tell us we can expect new HUE legwear for boys, toddlers and -- you heard it here first -- even our furry, four-legged friends, by 1994.

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