World Marriage Day


...(TC Worldwide Marriage Encounter, a Roman Catholic group that bills itself as "the largest marriage enrichment organization in the world," began the movement for World Marriage Day, which is celebrated today, according to Fred Passauer, a local spokesman for the group.

The Baltimore diocese has held annual festivities in honor of the day since 1983. A Mass will be said by Archbishop William H. Keeler at 3 p.m. today at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen and will be followed by a dance and reception in the church's gym.

The diocese's longest married couple -- William and Leila Chilcoat of Timonium, who have been married 70 years -- and those celebrating 25- and 50-year anniversaries will be honored.

Two years ago, the city held the largest World Marriage Day celebration of any diocese in the country, with more than 2,000 parishioners celebrating marriage as both "a sacrament and a way of life," Mr. Passauer says.

For more information, call Worldwide Marriage Encounter's San Bernardino, Calif., headquarters at (714) 881-3456 or Mr. Passauer in Manchester at (301) 374-1470.

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