No fun at the CarnivalCarnival? More like...


No fun at the Carnival

Carnival? More like a circus, I dare say. A circus obviously inspired by the late, great P.T. Barnum. You know, the one of the "sucker born every minute" theory.

Those are my thoughts after visiting the Orioles Winter Carnival. For what I thought was a rather exorbitant $5 admission fee, I was given the opportunity to experience nothing of any redeeming, entertaining value. For my admittance, I was simply subjected to more chances to spend more money. Most graciously, the Orioles and their sponsors presented me with the occasion to purchase what were to me meaningless sports memorabilia, including baseball cards and photographs.

Of course, the Orioles furnished me and the countless throng assembled with the good fortune to receive several "freebies." Gee, thanks! I could, courtesy of the big-hearted home team, look at a "full" new stadium tour sign, wait in well over an hour line to obtain an autograph from an Orioles star (Anthony Telford?), or even listen to screaming disc jockeys offering "valuable" prizes for answering ridiculously easy trivia questions. Wow, what a treat!

I guess we learn as we travel through life that we should never expect something for nothing. Unfortunately, no one ever said anything about nothing for $5.

Christopher Cheswick


Love those Redskins

I am writing in regard to two letters that were published in recent weeks. First, in response to a letter writer who was ecstatic that the Washington Redskins lost to the San Francisco 49ers, it's easy to criticize another city's team when you don't have one, I guess. At least Washington has a football team. Where did Baltimore's go in the middle of the night?

And second, I care about the Redskins and would like to see them play every week on television. But if some people want to pull them off Baltimore stations, I can always pick them up on a Washington station because they sell out every home game and the blackout is lifted in D.C.

Thomas P. Jones



The anti-Virginia bias

I have lived in Maryland for six years, and I've noticed how biased sportswriters from The Sun are against any team from the University of Virginia. The Sun reported Virginia's Atlantic Coast Conference loss in football to Georgia Tech in headlines on the front page, and now you've done the same thing, only this time the loss to Georgia Tech in basketball only made the sports page headlines. Would you have done that if Virginia had been the winner? I don't think so.

Please don't be so jealous of the wonderful, honest record of Mr. Jefferson's university. At least it can be shown on television.

Ronni Fincato


Judge Rose's play, not morals

I feel that this is wrong and even cowardly to deny Pete Rose's nomination to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He earned his nomination based on his baseball accomplishments.

While none of us agrees with his transgressions and while only few of us liked him personally, he remains a player who was significant in his career and holds many records. To deny him election to the Hall of Fame because of morality sets a dangerous precedent for the Hall and one that should be avoided. If they would do this, then it is certainly possible that one should deny Babe Ruth his place or Ferguson Jenkins his place or Jose Canseco his place. After all, they were and are less

than moral and upstanding citizens.

John Gordon


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